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Bag bitumen melter

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December 16, 2021
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Big bag bitumen machine unique advantages

Feature 1, FIVE feeding ports have higher melting efficiency, saving the operation cost.

Feature 2, Self diesel oil burner heating, double heating systems

When the burner burning in the combustion chamber, the hot exhaust will be passed through the flue system.

Meanwhile, the thermal oil jacket layer will be wrapped around the combustion chamber, the thermal oil is heated by the flame in the jacket layer and passed through the thermal oil coil system.

TWO systems will be heated the bitumen together, melting speed faster and diesel cost saving.

Feature 3, Automatic temperature control

The diesel burner automatically starts and stops according to the setting temperature of bitumen and thermal oil, saving diesel cost and safe operation.

Feature 4, Structure is strong

The inner wall is made of 5mm thick Q235B carbon steel plate, the side wall reinforcement frame is made of 10# channel carbon steel, and the base frame is made of 12# channel carbon steel.

Feature 5, Famous brand accessories

Such as Diesel oil burner Italy Baltur brand, bitumen pump from Zhejiang Shanggui, electric parts from Schneider and etc.

Feature 6, Well insulation

Thickness 100 mm high density rock wool insulation, good insulation performance.